Benefits of an online takeaway ordering system

At Takeaway Tech, we’re big on online takeaway ordering systems but what are the main benefits for having one in the first place? In this post, we’re going to run you through exactly why they are essential to any business looking for the most effective way to interact with their customers…

Customer Loyalty

One of the biggest benefits of having an online takeaway ordering system for your business is the customer loyalty that it generates. Convenience is key for customers in the modern day and anything that is a big hassle - such as being on hold via telephone or having to travel to place an order - just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The way of the world is that people want to be able to do things with a few clicks of a button. If your business doesn’t offer this service, you will be very quickly left behind.

With an online takeaway ordering system, it is as simple as the customer heading to your website or social media, browsing your menu and then placing an order. Information such as collection or delivery time are made available and they don’t even have to break stride in their day.

If you make things as easy as possible for your customers, they will be more than happy to deal with you again and again.

Increase Profits

With a loyal customer following as well as new customers joining all the time due to the convenience of your system, profits will inevitably increase.

Revenue increases through more customers, the fact that customers are more likely to place a larger order when they only have to tap a few buttons and having more time to browse within the relaxation of their own home, they tend to find more things that they like from your menu.

What’s more, with our affordable monthly base cost and one-time set-up charge fee, you will get the best value on the market as well as having no hidden fees that other services often charge. Your investment is made back in no time at all.

Polish Up Admin And Order Errors

Managing phone messages, orders, bookings, and other essential admin can be difficult and time-consuming at the best of times, nevermind during the busiest periods of the week and year.

Inevitably, orders are delayed, tickets are misplaced and someone is missing their extra order of chips that you forgot to write down.

With an online takeaway ordering system, much of these problems simply cease to exist. The system is quicker, less error-prone, less time-consuming, saves time and money and takes absolutely nothing away from your in-house service. It only adds to your overall customer experience.

Less admin and order errors not only saves time and money, it links right back to point #1 about that hugely valuable customer loyalty.

Collect Customer Data

Perhaps one of the most underrated benefits of using an online takeaway ordering system like ours is that it grants you the ability to collect important customer data.

With each order purchased, you will be able to re-market to your customers by sending them exclusive deals, increasing your chances of repeat orders and further improving the level of convenience for yourself and your customers.

This is a benefit that certainly ties in with the others, especially customer loyalty and reducing the friction of transactions and admin tasks.

COVID-19 Friendly

During these testing times and for however long they may continue, an online takeaway ordering system is essential for keeping your business open and operating to the fullest capacity possible.

With customers not allowed to enter or fearful of coming into physical contact with restaurants, a safe alternative is essential to be able to provide peace of mind to customers and to keep your business moving and profiting.

The online ordering system is also the safest way of interacting with customers right now. Not only is contact either reduced or completely eliminated, but with an online takeaway ordering system you actually get to organise your collection times. This means you can set a limit for how many people will come to collect from your restaurant so as to reduce transmission risk. Deliveries are also very safe and a Covid-secure option for you and your business. Both of these are easily managed through a system like this.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the benefits of an online takeaway ordering system. As customer convenience and loyalty become increasingly important, there is no better way to nurture both of these than with an efficient and continuously improving system like the online takeaway ordering system.